Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Look At JayDizzle!

I could watch this video 20 times in a row and not tire of its brilliance. To demonstrate how much I love it; out of the 79 videos I've favourited on YouTube this was one I was compelled to share with you all.

Best parts: JayDizzle's take on Busta Rhymes' verse and my personal fave, the little girls surprised expression at the end! Cute!


Cru Bar Review

On a dark, mysterious road known as James Street in Fortitude Valley, far from the drunken teenage shenanigans of the central clubbing area, lies a bar that is incredibly hard to find. Our monthly work cocktail night was being held at the Cru Bar and looking back, I really should have Google-mapped directions before I left. My boyfriend and I kept our eyes peeled for James Street as we walked down Anne Street, which just so happens to be the road of flashy car yards. "Oh my god, it's the new Audi Ts1203ks2948 (or whatever it's called)!," my boyfriend exclaimed. Oh great, we were going to be here for a while.

After hearing every single feature of the new car, we continued searching for the hidden venue - eventually, we had to ask two kind strangers for directions. We spotted a yellowish hue coming from one of the buildings just ahead and knew we had finally reached our destination.

As I walked in, I realised the appropriate attire for the Cru Bar is smart casual and not the full-on clubbing gear I could embarrassingly be seen in that night (complete with ample bling). The crowd was fun and talkative though, and didn't seem to care I was a little overdressed. A cellar filled with expensive wines that takes up the whole back wall suggested this is a more mature bar, which was reflected in the crowd that was made up mostly of 25-40 year olds. It was such an "I'm here for a good time," kind of atmosphere, that we made a couple of friends at the bar and I was surprised the Top 40 music was background noise to all the chatter; so if you're after a place where you can actually talk to people without yelling, the Cru Bar is ideal.

There are several different seating options at the Cru Bar: an outdoor deck, along the edge of the bar, and two lounged areas against the wall closest to the outside footpath. Although the last three areas are inside the building, two large and open windows give the bar an alfresco feeling wherever you choose to sit. This is particularly useful on a Friday night when it is at its busiest, as the air seems to diffuse the mix of other people's perfume and sweat. The inside lighting can only be described as very flattering mood lighting; dimly lit yellow lights, that are great if you are planning to take lots of photos.

The drink prices make it the perfect venue for a work cocktail party. Cocktails average at around $16 a pop, meaning that unless you've got money to blow, you're not likely to get drunk and worry if you still have a job the next day. Having seating around the bar and having to stand between and reach over the people sitting there made it a bit awkward getting a drink. Fortunately, the bartenders were quick and efficient so we didn't have to wait long and the cocktails are ah-mazing. I strongly recommend the Apple Pie!

As we started walking back to the city, a streetlight ahead of us went out. Having recently re-read the Harry Potter books, I suspected Dumbledore was there with his 'put-outer' and realised our quest to find the Cru Bar was much like Harry's first expedition to Diagon Alley. I wouldn't go as far as to say the night was magical, but it was certainly a fun night bonding with my fabulous co-workers!


Calamvale Hotel (Pressure Lounge) Review

I had never been to the Calamvale Hotel before and its reputation as a "Bogan filled stink hole" (as one of my friends so kindly put it) didn't have me knocking down the door to get in. However, said friend had not been since its renovation, and my boyfriend assured me I would love it.

Unfortunately, he said this on the way to the venue, just before we heard that there had been a bomb threat. Argh! Not a good start; but after being given the all clear we pushed on, getting closer and closer to what I was sure was going to be a bad night. "If one guy grabs my bot bot, we are leaving," I thought to myself.

As we pulled up to the venue I'm impressed with how nice it looks: its white shade sail roof gives an impression of cleanliness and class. I was not expecting to enjoy any aspects of The Vale, however, I mustn't let my guard down too soon as looks can be deceiving.

We arrived at around 9:30pm (before the large crowd that is usually expected after 10:00pm) so we jumped straight to the front of the line to have our I.D. checked. Again, I unexpectedly thought something about The Vale was kind of cool: after the bouncer scrutinised my Learner's License, he scanned it and I was required to have my photo taken, both to be put in the hotel's system. This process is required to keep tabs on troublemakers and ensure anyone who is banned, stays banned. It was the most high tech security system I had experienced in all my clubbing years, and I felt a great sense of safety and security. My curiosity to find out what was waiting on the other side of the doors suddenly peaked and my constant complaining that we were there at all lightened.

Our crew started off with a laid back sing-a-long session to the live band playing Aussie classics in the Circuit Bar. The bar is plain and small, with seating for about 16 people, and is usually counted as 'pre-drinks' for Pressure Lounge goers. Despite being an RnB girl myself, I had a great time singing with the band and strongly recommend anyone interested in going to the Pressure Lounge to make a stop at the Circuit Bar first.

"Okay, here we go." I made my way to The Pressure Lounge, still with some doubt, but mostly with excitement - I had had a fun night so far and was now looking forward to what else The Vale had to offer. We walked in.

My first thought? "Wow." The Pressure Lounge is The Vale's RnB/Hip Hop club and it is huge! A long bar stretched along the back wall serves up standard drinks for the standard price of around $8-$10; there are bar-style tables with stools in the back left corner and a well lit couched area in the back right, and two podiums equipped with stripper poles on either side of the dance floor. Despite the dance floor coming close to the size of Mystique's, it was packed and the DJ spinning a mix of 80% mainstream Hip Hop and 20% old school Hip Hop. There were much less fitted cap and baggy jean wearers than I thought there would be as well. Everyone seemed to be there to have a good time and weren't judgemental on the dance floor, which meant I could dance as crazily as I wanted and people would join in... and that's exactly what I did all night.

I loved my experience at The Vale and recommend it for all RnB/Hip Hop lovers!


Hip Hop Too Bootylicious?

Source: necolebitchie.com

Hip Hop isn't exactly the most modest of music genres. It has come under a lot of fire recently because of its tendency to be more about the booty than the poetics; although this could be a metaphor. With 90% of music charts consisting of Urban songs, artists are certainly reaping a large booty for their promiscuous portrayals, and proving that sex does in fact sell. However, with great popularity comes great responsibility and for these artists the responsibility of being good role models for young fans doesn't seem to be a priority. Parents, psychologists and even some rappers agree that the sexual content displayed in Hip Hop songs, music videos and even artists dress sense and behaviour is forcing young fans, particularly female, to grow up too quickly.

In a recent interview, clinical psychologist Lucy Tan listed becoming sexually active at a younger age as a negative effect, but stated that it is a mix of influences that leads to this, "This decision will be influenced by...peer pressure and also pressure from the media, which does include music artists and videos," (full audio below). New York based rapper Khalil Armstead agrees that mainstream Hip Hop is having a negative effect on young listeners saying that it is, "...one of the most influential tools these days," and even referring to it as "brainwashing" and "sad," (full video below).

Three culprits of 'musical sexual abuse' are Nicki Minaj, Rihanna and Lil Kim, who are very well known for their controversy-causing outfits, and crudely sexual song lyrics and music videos. They claim their sex appeal status is a way of encouraging young fans to be strong, independent people who embrace their sexuality, but Lucy says this is rubbish, "Young fans would not guess they are encouraging independence from their actions...there is no indication in their lyrics or music videos that they are doing this." Khalil agrees it does send mixed messages, however, says the artists' are not to blame, "[Artists'] are just puppets; somebody is telling them to do that."

When asked if they think Hip Hop was too sexual and if this was having an negative effect on listeners, the majority of young fans in Brisbane, Australia said yes on both counts (full audio below). Although consumers recognise the genre does glorify sex, it continues to grow in popularity; Khalil sums this up by stating "Hip Hop is...a business and in a business you have to make money...and everyone knows that sex sells."


Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Because I'M GAY!

Ok so these are my FAVOURITE tv show parodies on youtube right now. The first one is a parody of Degrassi: The Next Generation (a TRULY great show thanks to Jimmy...AKA Drake...and his amazing wheelchair performance ;)) and is made by Shane Dawson (http://www.youtube.com/user/ShaneDawsonTV) and Kassem G (http://www.youtube.com/user/kassemg). Definitely check those guys' youtube pages out, because they are FUNNNYYYYYYY little boys, yes they are.

Parody numero duo is by the hilarious Alphacat AKA Iman Crosson and his GF. It's a fantastic spoof of the Kendra show. For anyone who hasn't seen the Kendra show, I've posted a short vid of it just so you can really appreciate how funny the spoof is.

I showed my friend the Degrassi video even though she hadn't seen it before and she still found it hilarious so I don't think any previous knowledge of it is needed ;) and if you are reading this PLEASE actually watch the videos so the title and sign off of this blog make sense and don't make me look like a massive lesbian!

*I love you....*

*....and I'm gay*

Degrassi parody

The Kendra Show

Kendra Show parody

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Reasons Why I Dislike Ke$ha

In no particular order....

1. Her name is annoying to write. Everytime I do I automatically put an 's' after the stupid dollar sign and then have to backspace and it's just all too frustrating!
2. She's a bit of a hoe
3. She insulted justin bieber....that's a definite no no!

"He's such a tiny little baby! I would've loved to push him around on stage in a carriage."

4. Her songs are catchy to the point I want to kill myself
5. She reminds me of nikki webster, which is never a good thing
6. She looks like a man and says things that a man would say....ten bucks she's a man
7. She sings about D.U.I....not cool
8. She's not a great influence for her main fanbase of young teens and tweens with songs about peadofiles, sex, and binge drinking
9. She looks like she needs a bath

10. Even when she's taking a bath, she looks like she needs a bath

11. The way she constantly boufs up her hair with her hands
12. All the shit she leaves on my twitter feed....

These are actually copy and pasted straight from her twitter page:

*DAMNIT forgotTOBRUSHMYTEETH AGAIN. I smell like poo. Bummer.*
*LOVE it when they print vagina*
*Don't wanna know about ur poop patterns kind sir*
*Afterparty. Myroom.*
*@johncmayer dear john mayerrr. Don't be a little b*tch wit ur chit chat. Jus $how me whur ur dick's at.*
*Butt clevage is the new black*

I realise I could unfollow her, but I I admit she is entertaining!

I recently listened to an interview she did with Ryan Seacrest and anyone who lives in Brisbane, Australia will understand why I thought this was so funny:

Ryan: So you are from here?
Ke$ha: Um, well yeah I was born in the valley.

That explains so much....

Something I DO like about her is her 5th grade photo....I think it's cute :)

And now for the big confession....I actually like Ke$ha's SONGS. Disregarding the lyrical content, her beats are fun! Plus I have a couple of friends who have FORCED me to REPEATEDLY listen to it hehe, but I don't mind ;) After hearing a few more interviews with her, I've learned that she is pretty cool in the respect that she's an advocate for not caring what other people think of you and going after your goals and dreams. If only her song lyrics reflected these values; I would definitely like her much more as an artist!

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Azn week! ^^

Yay! So I've come to realise asians are really funny. These two guys I especially love, they are so silly funny; definitely subscribe to their youtube channels and all that! I've been a Nigahiga fan for a whiiiiile now, this video is a lil old, but STILL makes me laugh errtime. Chonny I only just found out about like two weeks ago, but I'm too cool for a social life and just spend my time on facebook and youtube so I've already watched all of his like 56 videos lol. And they all rocked so hard.


*Yeeeeeeeeh boiiiiiiii!*